Logan Douglas is a senior in the Tiger athletic program. Born in Cleburne, Douglas has been raised in Glen Rose. He competes in football, but is also involved in FFA, wildlife competition and an FCA program called ĎElevateí.

1. Why do you love football?

Itís something Iíve done all my life and Iíve seen family members go through it. Itís a yearly routine for me Ė going through football. Growing up around it, Iíve seen good role models above me. I learned very quickly the first varsity game about the intensity with the band, the game speed is much faster, guys are hitting a lot harder and the mental preparation for the game is a lot greater.

2. What do you enjoy about being a GRHS student?

Weíre blessed with the coaches that we have; I have high respect for them. The teachers and other staff at our school will reach out their hand if youíre in need. We have a ton of pride in our school. Itís a great place with great people, and you develop pride in that environment.

3. What have you enjoyed about your experience with Glen Rose FFA?

What I enjoy about FFA and doing the wildlife competition is the outdoor involvement. Iíve always enjoyed hunting and fishing, and the competition allows me to express my knowledge of those things and other wildlife topics.