Early in the 2008 season, the Glen Rose Tigers could be called “bad hosts.”

Two teams have visited Tiger Stadium and both have left with a mark in the loss column.

The latest of the Tigers’ visiting victims was Breckenridge last Friday, as the Tigers’ defense dominated every part of the Breckenridge offensive attack and came away with a 24-6 victory.

“It’s easy to call offensive plays when the defense is playing like they are,” said Glen Rose Head Coach Tommy Dunn. “They played outstanding in the first half.”

Outstanding might be an understatement.

Glen Rose’s defense held Breckenridge’s offense to 32 total yards in the first half, with the running game accounting for negative 27 yards on nine carries.

Marcos Rodriguez, Servando Escolera and Chris Griggers each managed to sack quarterback David Howard in the first half for losses of 12, eight and five yards.

“In the second half, we played with a 14 or 21 point lead for most of the game, and they hit the bubble screen on us a few times, but we were willing to give that up because it was something we didn’t feel they could maintain for the entire length of the field,” said Dunn. “We gave up a few yards because we had the lead, and we didn’t want to give up a big play and let them back in the game.”

In the second half, Breckenridge managed 161 yards through the air on the screens and a big play of 78 yards for their only score.

Jake Powell added another sack for an eight yard loss, and Shelby Junge had a crucial interception in the end zone to keep Breckenridge from getting back in the game at the start of the second half.

Junge had another pick which was negated by Tiger penalty.

The offense seemed a little shaky, and was unable to get any type of running game started.

Chase Evatt racked up 47 yards on 10 carries, while Taylor Nabours had 36 yards on five trips.

“(Our running game) struggled because they had seven men in the box,” said Dunn. “They set out to stop the run. We were still successful, but it didn’t come as easy as it did last week.

Quarterback Derek Thompson had plenty of opportunities through the air, completing 18 of 29 passes for 228 yards in the first half alone, before going 4-of-10 for 24 yards in the second half to finish 22-39 for 252.

He found Evatt and Austin Eschbach for touchdown passes and also carried one in fom three yards out.

“We executed well enough to win and that’s what’s important,” Dunn said. “We weren’t as crisp as we were last week. We had some routes that didn’t get run correctly, we had some bad passes and some missed blocking. Those things add up and it stalled us out at times. It’s something we have to learn from. We have to be better prepared and that’s my fault.”

The Tigers travel to Boyd, Friday, and will look to continue their winning ways on the road at 7:30 p.m.