Alvarado teams came to town on Thursday and found plenty of adversity against the GRJHS Lady Tiger hoops teams.

The seventh grade Lady Tiger A-team defeated Alvarado 40-26, spearheaded by a 14-3 second quarter. Top scorers included Allyson Andress (17), Emma Bozarth (8) and Morgan Kirby (5).

The seventh grade Lady Tiger B-team lost a tight ballgame to Alvarado, 26-24. Glen Rose was in good shape at halftime thanks to a 7-0 second quarter, but Alvarado stepped up its defense to win the fourth quarter (7-2) and the game. Scorers included Amalie Brewer (14), Rachel Gosdin (4), Briley Bason (2), Hannah Sheldon (2) and Isela Delgado (2).

The eighth grade Lady Tiger A-team took down Alvarado 48-23. Glen Rose won all four quarters, but was especially good in the first (14-7) and third (11-4). Top scorers were Sophie Bozarth (17), Brittany Miller (12) and Brittany Rosentreter (8).

The eighth grade Lady Tiger B-team bested Alvarado 36-20. Glen Rose took control in the first quarter (12-6) and pulled away with a dominant fourth (14-0). Scorers were Alexis Clifton (16), Brittany Watson (8), Hailey Bankhead (8), Liz Boyd (2) and Kara Henson (2).