After an impressive win in week one, the Freshman Tigers tangled with a strong opponent Thursday in Glen Rose.

China Spring capitalized on some early Tiger mistakes and played dominant defense in a 24-0 win over Glen Rose (1-1).

“They were bigger than us with a lot more guys, but that’s no excuse,” said coach Kiel Miller. “We just have to play, and I don’t think we came out with the intensity we had last week. (China Spring was) by far better than Ranchview, and a lot of it is that depth.”

Every yard for the Tigers had to be earned. A couple of the notable plays were a 15-yard reception by Brazos Overton from Brennan Cary and a 12-yard Kully Reynolds run.

“We moved the football on them occasionally, but had some disappointing breakdowns,” Miller said. “At times, we didn’t stay on our blocks long enough, which kept us from breaking more big plays.”

China Spring took early control by returning two interceptions for touchdowns.

“It’s hard to come back when a team gets two defensive touchdowns,” Miller said. “We just have to eliminate the mistakes that led to those.”

China Spring scored on a 12-yard touchdown pass with just two seconds left in the first half.

“We didn’t move the ball consistently, so going down three touchdowns right there really hurt us,” the coach said.

A highlight for Glen Rose was preventing all four China Spring conversion attempts. Charlie Rios made two conversion tackles, while Cary made one.

“It’s a consistency thing on those conversion plays,” Miller said. “That was a good aspect for us. Charlie is a hard-nosed kid and it showed (Thursday) how hard he plays.”

Logan Smith also caught the attention of the coaches with his defensive play.

“Logan came downhill to put some good hits on them,” Miller said. “He’s a consistent tackler who played a good defensive ballgame.”

Reynolds made a fourth-down tackle, while Dade Pritchett notched a tackle for loss.

“We woke up and started playing some football in the second half,” Miller said. “We have to take the good things we did in the second half to next week.”

The Freshman Tigers travel to Mineral Wells for a 5 p.m. contest Thursday, Sept. 12.