Last week, the junior high Lady Tiger basketball teams took on Hillsboro.

In the seventh grade A-team contest, Glen Rose dominated 33-5. While Hillsboro actually won the third quarter 2-0, Glen Rose dominated the rest of the action including a 15-1 second quarter. Scorers included Emma Bozarth (18), Allison Andress (4), Breana Rosentretter (4), Morgan Kirby (2), Laiken McAnear (2) and Lilly Worbington (2).

In the seventh grade B-team game, Glen Rose came away with a 15-4 victory. The Lady Tigers separated by winning both the second and fourth quarters 4-0. Scorers included Amalie Brewer (8), Briley Bason (4), Mariah Phillips (2) and Kansas Simon (1).

In the eighth grade A-team contest, Glen Rose dominated to win 42-17. The Lady Tigers won the middle quarters 26-5. Scorers included Brittany Rosentretter (12), Sophie Bozarth (12), Brittany Miller (9), K.K. Aper (6), Bari Douglas (2) and Jennifer Mora (1).

As for the eighth grade B-team game, Glen Rose won 19-2. The Lady Tigers led 11-0 at halftime. Scorers included Kara Henson (7), Brittany Watson (4), Alexis Clifton (4), Lily Tubbs (2) and Crystal Escandon (2).

The Lady Tigers will host Alvarado on Thursday.