With Mineral Wells waiting in the near future, Glen Rose took its first steps to being ready for the season opener against the 4A Rams on Aug. 28.

The Tigers traveled to Hico to match up against live opposition for the first time this year in a scrimmage with the 2A Tigers.

Hico just missed the playoffs last season in a tough 2A district despite dealing with depth issues, but Glen Rose head coach Tommy Dunn feels that Hico was a more than worthy tune-up for the season.

“That extra ‘A’ seems to merit more respect to a lot of people, but not to us,” said Dunn. “It’s still 11-on-11. I’ve coached at the 3A and 4A level and I thought when I was at 4A that we could’ve beat most if not all 5A teams in our best years and I feel the same way about 3A. It comes down to a matter of depth. There are some differences, but they don’t really show up that much in a scrimmage.”

Glen Rose took the field with lots of positions already solidified from the 2008 season, such as wide receiver, running back, defensive line and the secondary, but also had several question marks including the one under center.

Colt Plaster has taken the reigns as the starting signal caller, and despite seeing things in need of correction, Dunn was pleased with his new quarterback.

“I thought Colt did real well,” Dunn said. “There are things we need to work on and fix, like reads, but he uses his feet to get him out of trouble and early on when (the referees) were blowing (the whistle) quick it kind of hampered us because he could’ve made some plays with his feet and he didn’t get the chance to, but later on when they let him play, he did. That’s going to be a big part of our offense, and teams are going to have to account for him.

He threw the ball pretty well. There was a couple of times when he threw it on a line when he should have lofted it up a little bit, but those are things that will come with experience,” Dunn continued.

Other areas of need were the offensive line, which will see four new starters with only DJ Figueroa returning, and the linebackers, which graduated all three starters from last year.

On defense, the 2A Tigers were held in check for the most part. A couple of big runs by Hico’s Dylan Turner and Drew Polk proved to be the only bumps against the Glen Rose “D.”

“They cracked us a couple of times, got us in open space and we didn’t make the tackle. We have to be better tacklers and we have to be more physical on both sides of the ball,” Dunn said. “The things that don’t show up in practice do show up in (scrimmages). Those are things we needed to see so we can show them on film and get them corrected.

“The defense has pretty good size up front which makes it hard for teams to run up the middle on us. Our defensive coaches do a great job and they will definitely get the mistakes we made today corrected,” he continued.

The Tigers will have one more tune-up when they host 4A Lampasas on Friday. Freshman action begins at x, followed by the JV at x and the varsity at x. All three scrimmages are at Tigers Stadium.