The Glen Rose Tigers started the 7-on-7 state tournament in College Station out right, going undefeated in pool play.

The Tigers will play again tomorrow morning at 9 a.m. and the opponent is still unclear. An update will be posted when this knowledge becomes available.

Glen Rose defeated East Bernard 33-6, Abilene Wylie 34-21 and Quanah 40-32.

The Tigers handled East Bernard with ease.

East Bernard started with the ball and on its first drive Kyle Cauble made a break on a pass and intercepted it, setting an early tone for the Tigers.

The first offensive possession for the Tigers ended in a Colton Bretton pass to Jared Thames in the end zone. This would not be the first time the Tigers found the end zone offensively.

Glen Rose’s offense was methodical and smooth through all of the pool games, and the defense was strong and unrelenting.

“Our defense came up with some big plays and our offense moved the chains consistently,” receiver Colton Bumpas said.

The Abilene Wylie game was back and forth throughout the first half.

The second was a different story. Glen Rose controlled the ball offensively and defensively.

The Tigers handled Quanah much easier than the score reads.

After a 30 yard pass to Austin Gibson, Bretton hit Justin Weatherley for an easy completion in the end zone on the first drive.

“We played like champions,” Weatherley said. “Our offense was powerful and confident, and kept us undefeated throughout pool play.”

Glen Rose came up with another defensive stop and then drove the ball down the field, finding Bumpas for the next touchdown.

Quanah did finally score on its next possession, but it could not convert the extra point.

On the first play, Gibson ran a post route beating all defenders and waltzing into a touchdown untouched, making the score 21-6.

Quanah was able to score again, but like the previous trip was unable to cap off the possession with an extra point.

Glen Rose trotted onto the field confidently and, once again, on the first play Bretton found a receiver wide-open for another touchdown. This time it was Cauble who made the defense look confused and lost.

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