Taylor Hansen is a senior in the Tiger athletic program. Born in Fort Worth, Hansen has been raised in Glen Rose. He competes in cross-country, basketball, golf and baseball for the Tigers. Hansen also takes part in UIL academic competition (calculator applications, number sense, mathematics). He is a member of NHS and WIT (Workforce Industry Training).

1. What do you enjoy about attending Glen Rose High?

Itís great to be a Glen Rose High School student because there are great people in Glen Rose. Itís easy to know everyone and make friends. We get all these nice facilities and equipment for our sports; itís pretty awesome. The teachers are great and you get some one-on-one time because the classes arenít huge.

2. Whatís your favorite sport?

Baseball is my favorite sport. Iíve been playing that since I was three years old. My dad taught me how to play by playing catch in the backyard. Heís motivated me to keep it going this far, and itís worked out for the best. I hope to keep playing as long as I can. Itís a good team-building sport; you need leaders and good communication.

3. What stands out about your transition to varsity sports?

The change from JV to varsity is a big deal. My sophomore year in baseball I was moved up to varsity, and things started to matter like district games to make playoffs. Grades matter even more and you can win awards like academic all-state or for your play itself. Coaches put more pressure on you to do better things. Varsity is just so much better than everything else.