Q. How does it make you feel receiving this award?

A. Receiving the award makes me feel very eager for what I can do and improve on for next year, and also very accomplished for what I've done this year.

Q. Does it feel like the work you are putting in is paying off?

A. I feel my hard work has paid off, and I've always been taught that there are rewards for putting time and effort into the game or anything in life. And hopefully, I can get even better results next year.

Q. Who helped you the most to get to this point in your basketball career?

A. I would say that Coach (Sheree) Hill has helped me a great amount with my career at this point. I had to mature mentally and physically, and she pushed me to always make things happen, be calm and keep the momentum going. Also, my dad coached me growing up and I wouldn't be the player I am now without him.

Q. What are you most excited about next year?

I'm most excited about going farther in playoffs and making a statement of what we can do. I believe in my team and I know we can go far.

Q. What's going to be the hardest part of next year? Easiest?

A. Hardest part about next year would be playing with my next year's "seniors" I've played this game with my whole life for one last season. I never thought I'd hear that last buzzer of our last game of high school basketball and leaving my high school coach of four years, Coach Hill. And also leaving all the younger classmen that have really stepped up and just mixed right in with all of us.

The easiest part I think would be to give everything I have, every single game.