When the Lady Tiger cheerleaders competed at NCA Cheer Camp at Tarleton State University June 9-12, judges and opposing squads had to take notice.

Glen Rose High School piled up awards as the days went by.

“The girls worked very hard last week,” said coach Allison Stone. “They left the dorms around 7:30 each morning, dressed and ready with a smile on their faces. They worked hard all day and didn’t finish until around 9:00 each night.

“It made for some very long, tiring days, but they never slowed down. They’re an extremely talented group of girls, and they should be tons of fun to watch this year.”

Four Lady Tigers garnered All-American Cheerleader honors – Lexi Crabtree, Hailey Allen and Madeline Campos, as well as Kaley Shaw from the JV squad.

“It’s my fifth time to be All-American,” said co-captain Lexi Crabtree. “Ashlan Bernard is also a five-time All-American. I’m just really happy that I was good enough to have made it five times and been able to keep it going since I was in junior high, plus as a co-captain it’s important to try to do really well and set a good example for my teammates. I felt pretty good about Madeline and Hailey’s chances to make it going in.

“I’m really happy for Kaley. I know she’s really good, so I wasn’t surprised that she made it. I think it’s good for her because she’s the captain of the JV, so she can set a good example for her squad.”

The Lady Tigers earned three Spirit Sticks at the camp.

“Every day when you come to camp, they watch you from the morning until night,” Lexi said. They give you a Spirit Stick if your squad is really peppy, you show you’re happy to be there, you work really hard and you show school spirit.”?

Glen Rose won the NCA Performance Top Team Award.

“I’m really happy we got that, because last year we didn’t really get any awards,” Lexi said. “We hadn’t done Performance Top Team before, so I’m glad we got to branch out and try something new.”

The Lady Tigers received the S.A.F.E. Stunting Award.

“We stunted a lot during the workshops they had at camp, and I think we were really safe,” said co-captain Kalli Crabtree. “We always spotted each other and were really careful. This award shows that when we try new stunts we are smart about it.”

"Girls fall out of stunts, but ours just never touch the floor," Stone added. "We catch each other, which is very important for the girls' confidence."

The Lady Tigers also won the Stunting Award, which is based on their technique and outstanding skills. 

Glen Rose went through formal evaluations and received the highest-possible rating for six Superior Ribbons.

“We did really good on our evaluations for our cheers, chants and routines,” Kalli said. “I don’t know if we’ve ever gotten (six ribbons) before. Superior means we get a blue ribbon, and it’s the best we could’ve gotten. We were confident, but we did even a little better than I thought we could have.”

Every member of the team – including mascots Nicole Vara and Freedom Hulsey – were nominated for All-American Cheerleader. The varsity cheerleaders include Lexi Crabtree, Kalli Crabtree, Ashlan Bernard, Madeline Campos, Bailey Randall, Claire Boswell, Hailey Allen, Brittan Grace, Bailey Brown, Sabrina Watson, Kyleigh Henrich and Megan Bretton.

Stone has done what she could to put the team in winning position.

“I think Mrs. Stone is a great coach,” Kalli said. “She always encourages us, stays positive and is patient. She likes for us to try a lot of new stuff and just wants us to be the best we can be.”

Kalli said the squad would return to weekly practices before long and begin to prepare for a fall season full of football games and pep rallies.