The Glen Rose High powerlifting team headed to Comanche on Saturday to open the 2013 season, and coach Terry Harlin couldn’t have asked for more from his crew.

In fact, Glen Rose won first place in the boys’ division.

“We had a great meet (Saturday),” Harlin said. “Winning first in the boys’ division obviously means we had a lot of guys do quite well individually in their respective weight classes.”

Antonio Ponce won first place in the 114-pound class with a squat of 250 pounds, a bench press of 125 pounds and a deadlift of 290 pounds for a total of 665. Hunter Redmond took first in the 165-pound class (365-225-410-1,000) and Braxton Barrios won the 198-pound class (400-240-375-1,015).

Second-place finishers included Azahel Herrera (210-170-235-615) in the 114-pound class and Shane Moore (325-225-400-950) in the Super Heavyweight class. Third-place finishers included Cody Halcom (210-115-250-575) in the 114-pound class, Carlin Linnabery (335-185-315-835) in the 132-pound class and Nathan Smith (325-210-375-910) in the 148-pound class.

Other male competitors included Calen Ballesteros (405-180-350-935) finishing fourth in the 181-pound class, Heath Nicholson (470-225-470-1,165) taking fourth in the 220-pound class, Ace Navarrete (465-240-400-1,105) earning sixth in the 220-pound class, Dawson Matheny (290-270-350-910) taking seventh in the 220-pound class, Miguel Barraza (325-210-350-885) finishing eighth in the 220-pound class, Jonathan Rios (305-205-315-825) earning ninth in the 220-pound class and Drannon Brewer (305-185-290-780) taking 10th in the 220-pound class.

“We had some guys with previous powerlifting experience who had some personal bests in each lift – namely Nathan Smith, Carlin Linnabery and Hunter Redmond,” Harlin said. “Also, we had three freshmen lifting in their first-ever meet who did quite well, especially Braxton Barrios and Calen Ballesteros. Of the 15 (male) lifters we had, 10 of them scored points for the team and even the ones who didn’t produced personal bests.”

There were also three Lady Tigers to compete, led by Mackenzie Dahl. She finished second in the 165-pound class with a squat of 210 pounds, a bench press of 100 pounds and a dead lift of 250 pounds. Although they each didn’t register a bench press total and thus didn’t earn a place, Madison Baker and Arianna Ramos also competed for Glen Rose.

“We also took three girls and Mackenzie Dahl, who is our only returning female lifter, had her best-ever meet,” Harlin said. “I thought freshmen Arianna Ramos and Madison Baker competed quite well for their first-ever meet.”

Tiger powerlifting will return to competition this Saturday in Dublin.

“Coach Brandon Greenhaw and I are extremely proud of all the kids for laying it all out there and competing very hard,” Harlin said.