Cheerful Heart Gifts and Boutique gives vendors a home

Josh Harville --
Cheerful Heart Gifts and Boutique gives vendors a home

Last Saturday, Cheerful Heart Gifts and Boutique hosted a huge parking lot event with tents, food tasting, drawings, and sales. Owner Renee Wilson was there to greet patrons with a smile and make sure everything went smoothly.

While the store front still displays a "Grand Opening" sign, the boutique and gift shop had their real grand opening in May. According to Wilson, things are still going very well.

"We had a 4,000-square-foot shop here and then we doubled it to 8,000," she said.

The thrifty store hosts various venders and styles all organized under one unique roof. Each vendor has a space that seamlessly flows into the vendors around them. Wilson said that the store specializes in everything, boasting an area for almost any occasion. Garden, wedding, baby, children, clothes, man cave, and everything rustic in-between lines the walls and aisles of the well organized shop.

"It's fun stuff girls love," Wilson said.

The store is faith based, according to Wilson. "Faith, family, friends, it's a sweet happy place," she said.

Currently the store is looking to expand another 4,000 square feet and add a tea room so shoppers can hang out and enjoy a nice beverage.

"Cheerful Hear Gifts and Boutique still has the original 4,000 square feet with different vendors filling the other 4,000," Wilson said.

The Glen Rose location is one of three shops that Wilson owns, both in Granbury. One is much like the local location of Cheerful Heart and the other is a cottage themed store called Cheerful Cottage.

Wilson said that she gets a lot of shoppers from the Fort Worth area, Cleburne, and Stephenville bringing good business into the local area.

"It's a best kept secret," said Wilson.