Glen Rose working to become Film Friendly Texas town

Jay Hinton
Glen Rose Reporter
Just last March, the feature film, "Till Death" starring Evangeline Lilly & Jason Sudeikis was filmed in Glen Rose.
Just last March, the feature film, "Till Death" starring Evangeline Lilly & Jason Sudeikis was filmed in Glen Rose.
Kristen Gibson

GLEN ROSE — Glen Rose Convention and Visitors Bureau Director Kristen Gibson has completed two of the three steps needed for the City of Glen Rose to become a certified Film Friendly Texas city, and now she needs the public’s help to complete the third.

“If a citizen would be interested in having their property used for filming, we would love to help point them in the right direction,” Gibson said. “The thing about filming is that there is no one-size-fits-all option, they need everything.”

Got a field, main, historic home, petrified wood feature, or just a cool yard, submit it, Gibson said. Individuals may contact the CVB at (254) 897-3081 for more information.

“They need the good, the bad, and the ugly,” she said. “If folks aren't sure if it makes sense for them, we encourage them to give us a call and we will talk with them about what the Film Friendly program encompasses, what they have to offer, how they would like to proceed and direct them to the film commission website to sign up or get even more information.”

She completed the first two by attending a FFT virtual training workshop in September and approaching the Glen Rose City Council for approval, which it granted in December. Now she needs a minimum of five locations in the city to be submitted to the film commission’s database for filming consideration.

Once the requirements have been met, Gibson said it usually takes  2-3 business days to optimize the community's photo submissions in the online locations database and to get the community up and listed on the Film Friendly website. Once those steps are complete, it will be a waiting game to see if the city is officially Film Friendly certified.

“It would put Glen Rose on the map with any film company that is looking for what we have to offer, which is a lot,” she said.  “(Becoming an FFT city) protects us by having an organized, sensible and streamlined set of rules and fees for filming, and it makes us more accessible to location scouts who are looking for the most of what an area has to offer their production from wherever they are, whenever they need the information.”

If and when Glen Rose gets approved as FFT city, it will bring to fruition an idea Gibson has kicked around for a while.

“This was something that has been on my radar for a couple of years. I was with another city that went through the process, so I understood what the benefits could be for us,” she said. “When the feature film came, it all became much more clear, and evident that we needed a system to accommodate these groups.”

Just last March, the feature film, "Till Death" starring Evangeline Lilly and Jason Sudeikis was filmed here. During that time, when the Square was bustling, the economy saw 200-plus hotel room nights, catering for a week for local business for three meals a day for the cast and crew, and a local beauty business was patronized for hair and makeup on wrap day.

“Direct filming dollars were seen to two lodging partners for filming locations and it brought cash and sales tax dollars into the local economy from the crew and cast members dining, filling up on gas and more,” she said. “We would love to have more experiences like that one. This is a great way to open the door wider and encourage film tourism in our area.”

Gibson said Glen Rose has a lot to offer and becoming a Film Friendly city will help attract others to the beauty of the town and area.

“We have everything from an African Safari to open fields, prairies, rivers, lakes and hills,” she said. “We have unique buildings with an even more unique history. All of our attractions and quaint downtown, along with the ability to be tucked out of the way ‘in the wilderness’ are all great assets to film companies because they can use several locations without it ever looking like the same place.”