Charles Avery is Glen Rose's handy helper

Josh Harville -- @harville_etnews
Charles Avery in front of his shop, Pappy's Place.

GLEN ROSE -- About four miles north of Glen Rose, down FM 56 is a little mom and pop shop dedicated to helping others. Charles Avery and his wife Barbara have owned and worked Pappy's Place since 2000. They continue to use the opportunities provided by the shop to make a difference. Their bargain shop was originally a knife shop owned by Charles' father.

"People who know us just come up and knock on the door whether we're open or not," Avery said. "I'm not doing this for the money, most of what we make goes to helping people."

Avery is a lifetime carpenter and donates his time, skills, and resources to help fellow community members that need an extra hand. He has done projects such as installing wheelchair ramps in homes, widen door frames to accommodate residence needs, insulates mobile homes during the winter, fixes or donates appliances, and mows lawns for those who can't do it themselves.

"My whole life I was a carpenter, but now I use my money and skills for projects to help people. We just try to do what we can," he said. "I do whatever it takes to help folks out."

He smiled as he told the Reporter that he works for people now that couldn't afford him when he was in business.

Currently, he has about 10 people waiting on him to help out and the list is growing. Unfortunately, his work truck is out of commission. Lacking a working transmission, he is unable to get the supplies and materials he needs over to the places and people he is trying to help.

Avery has an interesting life story, coming from a large family and a broken home, he uses his experiences as motivation to help others. Starting as a volunteer for Big Brothers Big Sisters in the 1980s, he helped found the Valley of the Son Ministries in 1981. The ministry was designed to mentor and help children from broken homes, and still operates in Hood County today.

Graduating from college when he was at the ripe age of 58 with a bachelor's degree in church ministry, he uses his knowledge to encourage others and spread the gospel.

A poem he began writing in the 1990s for his children titled "The Reflections of a Dad" shows what Avery is all about. One verse stands out as a perfect reflection of how he uses his time to help others. It reads: "I can teach you to share, but only you can learn to give. I can teach you about salvation, but only you can choose to live."

"It's like God brings the people here he wants me to help and He always gives me the materials I need," Avery said.