Somervell County Commissioner's Court approves burn ban

Travis M. Smith
Somervell County Commissioner's Court enacts burn ban

GLEN ROSE -- The Somervell County Commissioner's Court convened this morning in the Commissioner's Courtroom in the Somervell County Courthouse Annex for its regularly scheduled meeting. The court took action on 38 of the 43 agenda items, including a motion in enact a county-wide burn ban.

“My recommendation would be to enter into a burn ban at this time,” said Dwayne Griffin, Somervell County's fire marshal and emergency manager. Griffin noted the extreme temperatures and low-to-zero chance of precipitation forecasted over the next 14 days. The ban - which was unanimously passed by the court - will be in place for 90 days, “or until the judge deems it not necessary." However, it will take more than an inch of rain, according to Griffin, and it will need to be significant enough for the ground to become saturated - not just coat the surface.

The ban on outdoor burning passed unanimously 

Individuals can still burn under certain circumstances, as outlined by the ban, but cannot not burn trash under any circumstance - as that carries a $50,000 fine, Griffin said. He also stated that Hood County will be recommended to take the same action this evening at its Commissioner's Court meeting.

More on the Somervell County Commissioner's Court's meeting will be in Thursday's issue of the Reporter.