Chambers seeking a fourth term

Melissa Holmes|@LissaCHolmes Staff Writer
Darlene Chambers

GLEN ROSE - They say a third time's a charm and for Darlene Chambers, she is hoping the fourth is too. That is because she is seeking to retain her position as Somervell County Tax Assessor-Collector in the upcoming March primary elections.

Chambers decision to run for her fourth term really came down to the fact that she loves doing her job.

“I still enjoy and love what I do as tax assessor for Somervell County,” she added. “I enjoy working with people and I love being able to help them with their motor vehicle and boat needs.”

It’s not only the job she loves, but it is also the residents of Somervell County. Chambers has been in Glen Rose since 1976 and in the office since 1997, and between the two she has come to know pretty much everyone in town.

“I enjoy the fact that when someone comes in the office I usually know them well enough to call them by name. Not only do we take care of their business at hand but a lot of times we visit and catch up a little bit too,” Chambers said.

If she is re-elected for her fourth term, Chambers isn’t looking to change how her office is ran. She still wants her office to provide county residents with great customer service and be available to assist them with anything that them may need.

“I pride the office on professionalism and being courteous," she stated. "I hope everyone feels that when they come in. I feel as though the ladies in my office treat everyone with kindness and are always willing to help. We will even put the registration stickers on for those who would like us to."

Chambers' professionalism has helped her navigate the toughest parts of her job. She said that title work can be complicated, especially for those who don’t work with it daily like she and her staff does, and one of the hardest parts of her job is having to turn away someone when they have missing or incorrect paperwork. When it comes to the times when she has to deal with upset customers she tries to handle every situation with understanding.

“I know it's frustrating to come in to get something completed and to be turned away," Chambers explained. "Most of the time if they are upset it's not at me, but I'm the one in front of them at the time. [...] Sometimes I'll have them come into my office so that we can sit and talk it through. A lot of the things that will upset someone is beyond my control and I find that mostly everyone realizes that."

Over three terms as Tax Assessor-Collector, Chambers has seen a lot of changes in her office. They have included ever changing laws -- which she said is another tough aspect of her job -- forms, pricing, and technology.

The change of technology has been a welcomed one throughout the years, since it has made operations in the office run more smoothly. According to Chambers they use to have books with all the registration stickers in them and when they printed receipts they had to tear the perforated edges off and separate the copies by hand. Now the stickers are print on the receipt paper during the registration process and the copies are all separated. Making the process a lot easier than it previously was.

If she is elected for her fourth term, Chambers will take a wait and see approach to see if she would be interested in doing a fifth one.

“They say that when it's time to retire you'll know it. I don't know if I'll run again next time or not. I'll just have to wait and see,” Chambers said.

Early voting for the March primary will begin on Feb. 16 and run until Feb. 26, and Election Day is March 1.