Hulsey seeks re-election to Somervell County Commision

Melissa Holmes|@LissaCHolmes Staff Writer

GLEN ROSE - Larry Hulsey has filed with the Somervell County Republican Party for re-election to his post as Somervell County Commissioner for Precinct 1.

After this current term, Hulsey will have served as commissioner for Precinct 1 for 12 years. He decided to re-run for another term, because he feels that his job of helping get Somervell County’s budget in order is not yet finished. Hulsey said that the county is heading in the right direction, in terms of the budget, and he wants to see if the commissioners can continue to “lower the budget.”

Another goal Hulsey has set for himself, is to continue building up the emergency cash reserves for the County. Hulsey stated that over the last two years, the commissioners have been able to increase the reserves and hopes that the court will be able to continue with the progress.

Hulsey also noted that one of toughest challenges he faces as a commissioner is trying to keep everything balanced between each county entity that receives county funds. Determining where cuts need to made in the budget isn’t easy, he noted, and as commissioners they have to go into the process with an open mind.

According to Hulsey one of the biggest upcoming issues Somervell County will face is the pending Luminant lawsuit due to the unknown variable of the outcome and how it will affect the county once it is over. He reiterated that even though the outcome is unknown, he and the other commissioners will still try to keep the budget as low as possible without cutting any services. 

The commissioners have already faced some tough choices due to the ongoing lawsuit. When they sat down to set the 2015-16 tax rate, they had no choice but to raise the taxes. However, if he is elected again, Hulsey said he is dedicated to keeping the taxes as low as possible for county residents.

Early voting for the March primary will begin on Feb. 16 and run until Feb. 26. Election Day is March 1.