The White Buffalo Gallery host Christmas Open House

Melissa Holmes|@LissaCHolmes Staff Writer

GLEN ROSE - Art lovers united at The White Buffalo Gallery’s Christmas Open House on Saturday, Dec. 5. During the open house the gallery presented works from Jim Connelly and Margaret Drake. In addition to taking in the beautiful art, guests enjoyed appetizers, beverages and live singing throughout the evening.

Local artist and sculptor, Margaret Drake was on hand for the night and demonstrated the art of sculpting she has perfected throughout her years of practice.

Drake has studied sculpting under several renowned artists, and looking at Drake’s work, one can’t help but notice that some of it is influenced by American Indians. She said that she wanted to provide a different aspect to Western art and was inspired to portrait American Indians because there is a beauty in the simplicity of their way of life. In regards to all of her work, Drake said she likes to express grace and motion in her art.

Jim Connelly’s work captures the stories of cowboys, horses and a Western way of life. His paintings have been featured in Southwest Art Magazine as well as other publications. Some of his pieces on display at The White Buffalo Gallery included paintings entitled “Sunset” and “Predictable Chaos.”

Owner, Jeannie Lane, said she opened the gallery by chance. Lane, who is from Glen Rose, thought that an art gallery would be a nice addition to the town. She mulled around the idea and asked friend and acclaimed artist Robert Summers if she were to open a gallery in town would he be one of her featured artist. He of course agreed and The White Buffalo Gallery was born. Giving local artists a space to display their work. Lane tries to have an open house every year around Christmas so that the town can come in and support the artist.

The White Buffalo Gallery has been a welcomed addition to Glen Rose. Many in attendance at the open house couldn’t help but praise the Lane and her gallery.

Jane Young loves coming into the gallery because Young said that people don’t have to be an aficionado of Western art to appreciate the work on display. Bob Lancaster stated that Lane has done a lot to bring art to Glen Rose and prior to meeting her he had never brought a piece of art. Artist, Judy Crowe, whose work the gallery just started showing, was in attendance. She has shown her work in various galleries and according to her The White Buffalo is one of the best. Crowe’s husband, Byron called it a “jewel of a gallery.”