Lucas seeks re-election for county attorney

Melissa Holmes|@LissaCHolmes Staff Writer
Andrew Lucas

GLEN ROSE - Andrew Lucas has announced his intention to seek re-election for Somervell County Attorney.

Lucas, who has been county attorney for three years, said that his time in the position has been both rewarding and interesting. He has enjoyed working with the elected officials, county judge and county commissioners on the various issues that arise in the county. These factors are why he decided to run again.

While Somervell County isn’t filled with major crime, Lucas said that county still faces a spectrum of criminal issues including DWI, marijuana and assault cases, among others. As the county attorney, Lucas prosecutes the misdemeanor and juvenile cases and over the past three years he believes that the county has been successful in prosecuting these cases. Outside of successfully prosecuting cases, Lucas pointed out that the collection of county court fines has more than tripled during this time as well.

One issue that he sees increasing is the number of convictions in DWLI cases. According to Lucas, due to the fact that people are being hit with surcharges on these convictions a lot of times they aren’t able to pay the mounting fees and find that they aren’t able to regain their license. He feels that eventually the legislature will have to address this issue.

If he is re-elected Lucas is looking forward to continuing to work close with Somervell County Sheriff’s Department and other law enforcement entities to keep Somervell County the kind of community that people want to live in.

Early voting for the March primary will begin on Feb. 16 and run until Feb. 26. Election Day is March 1.