Southeast Texas family admits running a bookmaking operation

Staff Writer
Glen Rose Reporter

BEAUMONT, Texas (AP) — Members of a Southeast Texas family have admitted to running an illegal bookmaking operation out of the father's used car dealership.

Larry Earnest Tillery, his wife Judy Kay Tillery and their son Brian Tillery pleaded guilty in federal court in Beaumont, Texas, on Tuesday to charges arising from their illicit sports betting operation. Larry Tillery, who's 69, and 46-year-old Brian Tilery pleaded guilty to making monetary transactions in property derived from unlawful activity and tax evasion. Judy Tillery, who's 62, pleaded guilty to structuring financial transactions to evade tax reporting requirements.

Evidence presented in court showed the father was making his living taking bets on sporting events from 1985 until April 2017, even running a website to take bets.