Littlejohn Produce delivering to Glen Rose

Ashley Inge
Littlejohn Produce of Stephenville will be delivering fresh produce to the Glen Rose square once a week.

Littlejohn Produce of Stephenville is delivering groceries, fresh produce and garden center products to Glen Rose once a week.

Items that will be delivered include meats, veggies, fruit, dairy, condiments and breads.

Co-owner of Littlejohn Produce Sherri Littlejohn will take orders from residents and visit the square once a week to deliver the produce.

She will also deliver items to a resident’s home upon request.

There will be a list of foods on her availability list. If an individual does not see an item on the list, they can contact Littlejohn and she will see if it is available.

“I look forward to serving this Great Community,” Littlejohn wrote on her Facebook post in the “Goin’ on in Glen Rose” group. “I have been bringing Fresh Produce to Glen Rose for 10 years and I love and appreciate your town and the people. This is Crazy Times, but Life Is Good and This too Shall Pass. Everyone stay Safe & Well and I’ll get Food to You.”

To place an order, call or text Littlejohn at 254-485-0756.