Resident cleans up area around ’Welcome to Glen Rose’ sign

Ashley Inge
After Corey Lee Hulse spent several hours trimming bushes and mowing the grass, this is the result.

Glen Rose resident Corey Lee Hulse decided to give back to his community by sprucing up the area around the “Welcome to Glen Rose” sign.

“I've been looking at the sign for a long time thinking it needs to be done and then when I saw a lot of people complaining about it, I decided the time was right to go ahead and fix it to make all of them happy,” he said.

Hulse picked up trash and debris, mowed the area several times, cut down trees and shrubs that were growing in front of the sign, trimmed bushes, cut back wild vines and thorn bushes and finally loaded all of the debris onto his trailer to dispose of the mess.

“During my time here at other jobs, doing a project like this might create animosity or even envy which didn't always go well for me, but I still believe in making a difference,” he said. “I enjoy seeing immediate results from my work or if it's a big project, being able to see progression as I go. I like detail work. I like to create something when I can, especially if it's something that has gotten out of control or forgotten and will make people happy.”

Hulse made a post on the Facebook group, Goin’ on in Glen Rose, showing his progress and how he cleaned up the area. His post has over 400 likes and reactions, 88 comments and seven shares.

“I didn't realize there are that many people that were happy about it until I looked closely at these two posts. I just didn't realize how important it was to everybody,” he said.

He emphasized to the Reporter that he did not clean up the area for political reasons or monetary gain.

“I saw something that needed to be corrected, knew it would make a lot of people happy and hoped that I would not get in trouble for doing it,” he said.

As for what Hulse will do next for his community, he said he has his sights set on roadside parks.

“One person can make a difference,” he added. “I work six days a week, keeping myself busy 14 hours a day, but still find time to help the's never too late to pitch in.”

This is the area by the "Welcome to Glen Rose" sign before Corey Lee Hulse began cleaning.