Snyder’s Tavern offers food, drinks in relaxing atmosphere

Ashley Inge
The lounge area in Snyder's Tavern is complete with a bar, tables and chairs, and TVs, perfect for relaxing and enjoying a beverage.

Snyder’s Tavern, located on Inn on the River, offers customers a unique dining experience complete with alcoholic beverages, eclectic food and an acre and a half of land nestled by the river, perfect for kids and dogs to play.

In conjunction with Inn on the River, Snyder’s Tavern started serving food on May 15 and opened the lounge area for the tavern on July 4.

“It was always a part of our business plan when we bought the inn 14 months ago, but with the stay-at-home orders and COVID, it just sped up our timeline for focusing on it because we knew we needed to do something that would create a safe space for rest and relaxation during these times of stress,” said owner Pamela Streeter.

Snyder Tavern offers a weekly menu that is constantly changing.

“We tend to focus on some kind of a classic with a modern twist,” Streeter added.

The tavern offers snack items like hot dogs or wings, but it also offers entrées like bacon parmesan scones with a bourbon tomato jam or shrimp with a honey mustard herb sauce.

“Our honey mustard herb sauce is very unique,” Streeter said. “People who say they don’t like mustard or they don’t like honey, they taste this and they’re like, ‘Wow, you should bottle this!’ Our bacon scones and bourbon jam, they fly out the door. They’re very delicate little bite-sized scones and it’s a house-made bourbon tomato jam.”

The lounge area is located in the yellow building where guests can take their drinks and food and sit by the river to relax.

“They can bring their four-legged friends and they can let the dogs play. We have lawn games for the kids. We are very different than the other drinking establishments in town because we’re really all about the ‘sit back and have a relaxing evening,’” Streeter said. “We do have TVs, so we will be showing sporting events when they’re there, but it’s not about sitting up at a bar and having a cocktail; it’s about having a group of friends, or having your family together and having the kids have something to do while you’re having an adult beverage. It’s a unique opportunity for the community to have a place to go that just says ‘take a breath.’”

Snyder’s Tavern is open 4-9 p.m. on Thursdays, 4-11 p.m. on Fridays, noon-11 p.m. on Saturdays and noon-9 p.m. on Sundays. They will also open any other day by request with a 24-hour notice.

"We’re just an extension of what the inn already was – a place of peace, quiet, relaxation and good food – and we’ve now opened up the place to make it more convenient to get that adult beverage to help kickstart the relaxation,” Streeter added. “But it’s still about having a place to just breathe and reconnect.”