SCSO dispatchers named Agency of the Year

By Jay Hinton
Glen Rose Reporter
The SCSO dispatchers from left, Kelly Watson, Liana Varra, Tanya Epps, Diane Backues, Coleen Aleman. Not pictured: Curtis Mohr, Kerri Wenger.
Alan West

GLEN ROSE — The dispatchers in the Somervell County Sheriff’s Department were recently recognized as the 2019 Agency of the Year by the North Central Texas Emergency Communications District.

“The Somervell County Sheriff’s Office has shown a tremendous commitment to building a strong relationship between the district and our agencies. Their passion for the 9-1-1 industry is present through every decision their agency makes,” the NCT9-1-1 said on its website. “Their dedication to collaboration  means  a representative is present at  NCT9-1-1's meetings, focus groups, committees and more. They show initiative and  innovation with  their  feedback on regional projects. We believe they are more than deserving of this award.”

The award was officially given in a presentation at the Somervell County Sheriff’s Office earlier this month, but it was supposed to be given at the NCT9-1-1’s inaugural gala in March in Midlothian, but due to COVID-19, organizers were forced to cancel the event.

“Our dispatchers are the heartbeat of our office. They are the silent heroes. Without them, nothing else could continue,” said Somervell County Sheriff Alan West. “It takes a unique person who is willing to step out there to get into the tragedy and then be the voice of reason to handle the situations.”

Communications Lt. Tanya Epps, who is the supervisor over the seven-person team, was presented the award by North Central Texas Council of Governments Deputy Director Monte Mercer, 9-1-1 Communications Coordinator Amelia Mueller and 9-1-1 Operations Supervisor Jason Smith.

“My hat is off (to our dispatchers), and makes me proud to part of group that when they show up here they are ready to go to work,” West said.