GRISD sees major decline in COVID-19 cases

Jay Hinton
Glen Rose Reporter
Glen Rose High school tiger paw

GLEN ROSE — Glen Rose ISD Superintendent G. Wayne Rotan was fully expecting to see a large jump in COVID-19 cases across the district when students returned to classes after the Thanksgiving break.

So when the first report came back after the break and the numbers had decreased, he was pleasantly surprised.

“Since Thanksgiving, we've actually seen a pretty significant decrease in the number of positive cases and the number of active cases,” he said. “And, at this point, we have not seen the spike that I was anticipating after Thanksgiving.”

Eight days before Thanksgiving, there were 35 cases of COVID-19 involving students across all campuses and six among staff.

As of the latest report issued on Dec. 9, there are only three active cases in the district involving students and two more among staff for a total of five.

“I think our students and families were responsible in what they were doing over the holidays and certainly helped us start making improvements,” Rotan said.

Students and staff had a full week off of school for the Thanksgiving break, and then they had two days of virtual learning before returning to the classroom on Wednesday, Dec. 2.

Despite the dip, Rotan is still warning families, students and staff to remain vigilant and continue doing what they have been doing so far in keeping the numbers low by wearing masks, washing hands and watching distance.

“I think our students and staff have done an outstanding job all year,” he said. “They have done a great job following all of our protocols and doing whatever we've asked to help mitigate the spread.”

And as the district prepares for Christmas break, he is continuing to drive home the same message.

“Our students and staff and parents have been just outstanding through this whole thing. I couldn't ask for more,” he said. “They've cooperated, followed every protocol we have, and they certainly have done their part and our district has been able to continue having in-person instruction.”

Also, the district just completed its second Germ Blast where all campuses were sanitized last Friday night and all day Saturday and Sunday. It will be conducted again in 90 days.