City tops $1 million in sales tax allocation for third straight year

Jay Hinton
Glen Rose Reporter
The city of Glen Rose topped $1 million in sales tax allocation revenue for three consecutive years.

GLEN ROSE — For the first time ever, the city of Glen Rose topped $1 million in sales tax allocation revenue for three consecutive years when the final numbers for 2020 were released by Texas Comptroller Glen Hegar earlier this month.

Allocations based on sales made in October by businesses that report tax monthly, the city received $134,174.50 from the state, which was a 19.16% increase over 2019.  It’s the most the city has received in a single month since February 2009 when it brought in $196,757.45.

The most the city has ever been allocated in a month came in August 2008 when it received $199,107.84.

For the year, the city received $1,325,034.57, up 5.33% over 2019 when the city received $1,257,914.02. In 2018, the city received $1,228,284.90.

The city went over $1 million for the first time in 2008 when it received $1,513, 320.30, and in 2009, it received $1,257,914.02 for its first two consecutive $1 million-plus years.

“That was during the height of the Barnett Shale natural gas boom,” Glen Rose City Administration Michael Leamons said. “I understand at that time local hotels were full and businesses were booming.  There were a string of eight very strong months surrounding the aforementioned peak month.”

Last month, Leamons was expecting the numbers for the year to be a lot lower because of the COVID-19 pandemic, but it was just the opposite.

In early December, Hegar sent cities, counties, transit systems and special purpose taxing districts $790.3 million, which was 3.7% less than December 2019, so the city is bucking the trend when it comes to statewide allocations.

By comparison, Hico was up 9.92% in December and Stephenville was up 3.36%, while Cleburne was down 0.67%.