COVID cases in Somervell County leveling off

Jay Hinton
Glen Rose Reporter
Dr. Steven Vacek

GLEN ROSE — Dr. Steven Vacek of Glen Rose HealthCare Inc., said in a news release issued by Glen Rose Medical Center on Monday that the spread of COVID-19 has leveled off in Somervell County.

As of Dec. 31, there were 19 confirmed cases in the county with 33 additional probable cases.

“We have stayed fairly stable, at between 40-55 active daily cases during the last two weeks,” he said. “In our county, we have widespread viral activity in families, institutions and work places. Social events continue to be an area with significant risk, especially during these past holidays.”

In totality, there have been 415 confirmed cases and 322 probable cases for 737 cases with three deaths.

He is encouraging county residents to mask up and remain vigilant.

“Mask wearing in our community continues to be dismally low, especially given the continued elevation of cases of COVID-19,”  he said. “I would ask and recommend that people return to more common usage of masks.”

He also noted flu season is here and issued precautions.

“We have seen a handful of influenza cases so far, and it is likely to get worse,” he said. “Mask wearing and social distancing can help keep flu cases down as well as future COVID-19 cases. Please do not let your guard down. Do not let COVID fatigue overwhelm you. We must do better to stay safe, and keep the others around us safe and healthy.”

The use of a mask along with the passing of the holidays and the vaccination, although it isn’t available to Somervell County residents just yet, Vacek is hopeful cases will continue to decline.

“Coupled with vaccination efforts, we can get the new case numbers down to a more manageable level soon,” he said. “Now more than ever, anyone who feels sick should stay home and help protect their loved ones by avoiding the spread of any infectious disease.”

Glen Rose ISD updated its website on Monday, and there are only four confirmed cases in the district and none of them are students. There is one staff case at Glen Rose Elementary and three staff cases at Glen Rose High School. In all, there have been 88 student recoveries in the school district — with 53 at the high school — and 46 staff recoveries.

“The number of active cases is still up for Somervell County right now,” Vacek said. “It does appear that we have peaked, but we are still well above the threshold of cases necessary to opt out of the governor’s executive orders. We will continue to monitor and report what we can. I do not think I can caution enough against becoming complacent and letting this continue to worsen.”