Somervell County residents can sign up for COVID-19 vaccine in Tarrant County

Jay Hinton
Glen Rose Reporter
County Judge Danny Chambers

GLEN ROSE — Somervell County Judge Danny Chambers said earlier this week that the county — with the help of Tarrant County and the State of Texas — is adding options for county residents — especially the elderly — to get the COVID-19 vaccinations.

“We have begun providing initial vaccinations to those most at risk of exposure to COVID-19,” Chambers said. “These people have been placed in two groups, designated as Phase 1A and 1B.”

Right now, county residents can request a vaccination on the Tarrant County website, but Chambers is hoping there will be a location set up for residents to receive the vaccination in the county.

Chambers said county residents have been going to neighboring counties — like Johnson and Hood — to receive the vaccination, and now Tarrant County will be another option.

“It’ll be strictly on your underlying conditions and your age and everything plays a factor,” Chambers said. “It doesn't matter if you're Somervell County resident when you register.”

Phase 1A includes front-line health care workers and residents in long-term care facilities, and individuals 65 years of age or individuals with a chronic medical condition that puts them at increased risk. Phase 1B includes individuals 16 years of age or older with at least one chronic medical condition that puts them at higher risk.

“There's like 200,000 people that signed up, but your age and your underlying conditions — all of that — plays a factor where you’re at in your appointment and where you're at in the line,” Chambers said.

He also said if you don’t qualify in the Phase 1A or 1B groups to be patient.

“The state will roll out additional groups in the coming weeks and months ahead. We expect regular vaccine shipments going forward,” he said. “Once you receive your confirmation of registration, it may be some time before you receive your scheduled appointment time as this is based on availability of vaccines as well as prioritization policies.”

To sign up for the vaccine in Tarrant County, google Tarrant County COVID-19 vaccine to search for the link ( ) or go directly to the Tarrant County website and search COVID-19 vaccine.