Council meeting nights to switch in March

Jay Hinton
Glen Rose Reporter
Chip Joslin

GLEN ROSE — Beginning in March, all regular Glen Rose City Council meetings will be held on the second Tuesday of the month instead of the second Monday like they have previously been held.

New Glen Rose City Councilman Chip Joslin, who was voted on to the council in November, made the push for the date change so council members would have more time to review their packets before each meeting.

Generally, Joslin said, council members get their packets on Friday afternoon around or after 5 p.m., and giving them only one business day to review the information, and for him, he didn’t feel like that gave him enough time to review the information.

“I found it troubling and unnecessary to only have one business day to go through so much data about so many important issues that affect the well-being and dollars of our citizens,” he said.

The possible change was first discussed in regular council meeting on Jan. 11.

“It is virtually impossible to read, investigate and evaluate all the matters in the packet in one business day,” he said. “We all need as much time as possible to do a thorough job. If we are truly doing our due diligence and what our beloved citizens voted for us to do, many business calls, personal visits and proper investigations all have to be done to fully explore all of our options.”

It was eventually passed in a special-called meeting on Jan. 19.

“Our efforts have basically tripled the business days that we had previously, so this is truly an incredibly positive development for the City of Glen Rose, Texas,” he said.

Joslin also said the council will get the agenda (less the supporting documents) on the Thursday before the meeting and the supporting documents will be provided the next day.

“By working together, we now have a much better solution for this,” Joslin said.

Beginning in May, however, and running through September, the council will meet on the second and fourth Tuesday of each month to allow more time while working through the budget.