TNMP to build solid wall around Paluxy Drive substation

By Jay Hinton
Glen Rose Reporter

GLEN ROSE — In 4-6 months, the residents on Paluxy Drive will get some reprieve from the eye-sore and the noise of the Texas-New Mexico substation that sits in their neighborhood.

Last week, Glen Rose City Manager Michael Leamons, along with Glen Rose Mayor Pam Miller and Glen Rose Mayor Pro Tem Johnny Martin, met with TNMP representatives Jim Cosper and Rene Kettler to iron out the details of the new 8-foot masonry wall that will surround the area.

“Since it’s so tall, they don’t have to use any barbed wire, so it’s not going to look institutional,” Leamons said. “It’s going to be pretty attractive.”

The Texas-New Mexico Power substation on Paluxy Drive will get a much-needed face-lift with a solid 8-foot wall instead of chain-link and barbed wire that is there now.

The substation, which has been a sore spot with residents since it was constructed, was originally supposed to be a solid wall per city ordinance, but TNMP claimed it wasn’t required to do so and did the minimal barbed wire like it has been doing in other cities.

Leamons said he did some research and found a couple of cities serviced by TNMP that have solid masonry walls, and he asked that the same be put around the substation on Paluxy Drive, but the company still didn’t budge.

He then crafted a letter to the parent company that is in the process of acquiring TNMP, and although it couldn’t interfere because the deal isn't complete, it did pass along his letter up the chain at TNMP, and it finally got traction, Leamons said.

“I think somebody different with TNMP saw the material and that caused this to play out favorably for the city," Leamons said. "We're really happy that they decided it was a good thing to do."

He was told in the meeting with Cosper and Kettler that the company would begin construction on the new fence in 12-14 weeks, and Leamons doesn’t think it will take long to complete once construction begins.

The new wall at the Texas-New Mexico Power substation on Paluxy Drive will look something similar to this rendering.

“It’s just going to make it a lot more attractive rather than an industrial-looking place,” he said. “I’ve had complaints about the noise because there are two different transformers there now. Before, there was one and the noise is now different. I’ve had some say it's annoying, so this should help contain that noise."

In the future, once the acquisition with the new company is complete, Leamons hopes to open dialogue to renegotiate a new franchise fee agreement and eventually establish a dual-feed power feeder line into the city instead of just one that the city has now.