Emergency items focus of tax-free weekend

By Jay Hinton
Glen Rose Reporter

GLEN ROSE - With the state’s sales tax holiday this weekend, Texas Comptroller Glenn Hegar is encouraging Texans to prepare themselves for emergencies with their purchases.

“Whether it’s fires, freezing temperatures or tornadoes, severe weather conditions can strike at any time, so it is important that families, homes and businesses have the supplies they need to face these and other emergencies,” Hegar said in a press release. 

The tax-free weekend begins at 12:01 a.m. on Saturday and ends at midnight on Monday.

“This tax holiday can help Texans save money while stocking up for emergency situations,” he said.

A fire suppression helicopter with the Texas A&M Forest Service dumps retardant on a portion of the Eastland Complex Fire, which is made up of seven different fires burning in that region.

Hegar is estimating that shoppers in Texas will save close to $1.5 millions in local and state sales taxes during this shopping time. 

Items like household batteries, fuel containers and flashlights under $75; hurricane shutters, and emergency ladders priced under $300; and portable generators less than $3,000 have no limits on the number purchased. For purchases made online, Hegar said delivery, shipping, handling and transportation charges are part of the sales price and could push the sales price over the limit to receive the item tax-free.

Batteries for automobiles, boats and other motorized vehicles do not fall under the no sales tax umbrella, as well as camping stoves and other camping supplies; chain saws; plywood; extension ladders and stepladders; and tents.

Hegar said items like antibacterial hand sanitizer, soap, spray and wipes will continue to be sold tax-free if they are labeled with the “Drug Facts” panel recognized by the federal Food and Drug Administration.

A complete list of what emergency supplies that may be purchased tax-free can be found on the Comptroller’s website at comptroller.texas.gov.