Sales tax allocations still positive for Glen Rose

By Jay Hinton
Glen Rose Reporter

GLEN ROSE — Statewide earlier this month, Texas Comptroller Glen Hegar sent cities, counties, transit systems and special purpose taxing districts $866.5 million in local sales tax allocations for April, which was a 27.9&% increase over April 2021.

While not having a percentage as high as the state, the City of Glen Rose still saw a nice return of $114,031.95, which was a 12.78% increase of April 2021.

City of Glen Rose logo

For the year, Glen Rose is about 2021 by 9.35%. So far, the city has received $534,934.05 this year compared with just $489,188.12 in April 2021.

The city has collected $100,000 or more for 19 consecutive months.

By comparison, the city was on the lowest end of the totals for neighboring cities. Hico saw an increase of 47.71%, followed by Stephenville (28.85%); Cleburne (21.82%); and Granbury (18.75%).

The April figure come from sales made in February by businesses that file monthly.