Douglas elected Region II president

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Newly elected FCCLA Region II President Bari Douglas said a lot of the credit for her victory goes to her best friend, Daisy Pena (right), for her consistent support and belief along the way.

At the FCCLA Region II Conference in Waco on March 6-7, Glen Rose High sophomore Bari Douglas was elected to serve as the FCCLA Region II president for the 2015-16 school year. She shared her reaction to the high honor with the Reporter…

"Preparing for our Region II competition has been pretty stressful the past few months, for me and and our whole chapter. Being inducted as chapter president for our school as a freshman and being the youngest officer was a huge honor.

I've spent many many hours before school, after school, during school, on the weekends, during breaks and during the summer with my advisor, Jill Lawson. I am involved in many things including cheerleading, color guard, tennis, UIL and band, but FCCLA has always come first before anything. Mrs. Lawson and I have been through it all!

She's helped me grow into the person I am today, and my life was instantly changed when I met her the first day of my freshman year. At the beginning of this school year, she pushed me to start preparing to run for regional office. A little apprehensive about everything, I wasn't sure if I wanted to do it.

Eventually she talked me into it, and the week before applications were due I finally decided to run. Ha! Of course it was only December, but I was still getting really nervous.

Mrs. Lawson and I have spent many hours coming up with my speech, reading it over and over again, studying my FCCLA facts and preparing for the interview process. As time started running out, I remained nervous and worried about how it would go – which inspired me to work even harder. I knew I needed to make Mrs. Lawson proud, and I could not let her down. The night before region came.

And I spent all day with my three best friends Daisy Peña, Jennifer Herrera and Yanin Martinez. They helped me, quizzed me, critiqued me – anything I could possibly need to prepare for it. Without support and help from them, I don't think I could have done it! As the time came to run for office, it seemed like all my anxiety had gone away.

I went out on stage and gave my speech to about 80 people, answered the FCCLA Fact and felt pretty good about myself.

When the time came for announcing who the officers were I was ecstatic! At the time, I did not know what office I made, I would find out that evening. I went through a long interview process, and had to take a test on my knowledge of FCCLA. I felt great about everything.

That evening was a bit chaotic for me, and I was so anxious to know what office I was getting. As all the other officers were called, and I was the only one left standing, it was the most exciting feeling of my life. I had been chosen as president! It was such an awesome feeling.

I had the full support from my chapter, my advisor, my friends and my family all behind me, and it was so awesome knowing that I made everyone proud. A lot of credit goes out to my best friend, Daisy, for supporting me along this huge journey and always believing in me.

It is a huge honor to serve as Region II President over about 800 kids. I am so excited for the upcoming year and can't wait to embark on this new chapter in my life."