GRJH One Act Play created magic on the district stage

Melissa Holmes|@LissaCHolmes Staff Writer

GLEN ROSE - The Glen Rose Junior High drama students presented “Magician’s Nephew” at the UIL District 11 3-A One Act Play contest.

“The Magician’s Nephew” is adapted from the C.S. Lewis book and follows the adventures of two children, Digory and Polly, as they are transported into the worlds of Charn and Narnia.

The students competed against six other schools and did an exceptional job. Throughout the play, Larry Carpenter, the competition's judge, chuckled at the moments that were meant to elicit such a response.

Michael Cruse (Uncle Andrew) gave the part the right amount of kookiness for a man that dabbles in magic. He and Breanna Baker, who played Aunt Letty worked well together. Baker portrayed the aunt with matriarchal authority.

Digory and Polly, were played by Aaron Burdick and Adriel Roper, respectively. The duo displayed the precociousness necessary for their roles of two children exploring worlds unknown to them.

Alexis Drugan played Queen Jadis and she had the right amount of evil for a queen looking to rule.

Calvin Cunningham (Aslan) was commanding as the lion.

The chorus of talking animals (Jillian Kirkley, Jordin Voss, Catherine Ogletree, Martiza Rodriguez, Jocelyn Mims, and Kampbell Scheu) played off of each other to create the magic of a land where talking animals do exist.

Behind the scenes the crew of Abby Payne, Avery Turner, Case Thigpen, Kyra Prince, and Delaney Johnson made sure that the everything went off without a hitch. The play was directed by Koriann Hammond, Matthew Kienbaum and Karli Nobles. 

Overall, the whole cast and crew worked well together to pull of a great performance. At the end of the competition the cast won three awards, including Aaron Burdick for Best Actor, Breanna Baker for All-Star Cast and Abby Payne for All-Star Crew.