GRHS student shines as FCCLA Region II President

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Glen Rose Reporter
Bari Douglas

GLEN ROSE - Poised, polished and mature are a few words you could use to describe 17-year-old Bari Douglas. You can also use Family, Career and Community Leaders of America (FCCLA) Region II President, because that is what the Glen Rose High School junior is, also.

Douglas’ journey to FCCLA president started when she took fashion design her freshman year. Her natural leadership abilities shined in that class and GRHS FCCLA advisor and FCS teacher, Jill Lawson encouraged Douglas to run for office and during her sophomore year she became the FCCLA chapter president.

When it came time to apply for Region II president Douglas was hesitant, but she took the leap of faith.

To become president she had to give a speech of her FCCLA knowledge in front of 100 plus voting peer delegates. She impressed them and was one of 17 students voted to move on in the process. The next task was an interview process and Douglas knew that it was her moment to make her final impression.

“I knew right then and there that this was my moment to shine and I walked in with all the confidence I had and said I want to be region president,” Douglas said.

Her pep talk worked. She nailed the interview and was elected Region II president.

Douglas’ face lights up when explaining how being Region II president has affected her life. During her tenure she has gotten to travel across the country mentoring and meeting new people. She has spoken to over 700 different students around the state. Plus, she has developed skills that have given her confidence in all areas of her life.

“It has turned me into a better person and it has made me have a different point of view on life,” she said.

Douglas knows she is a leader and she wants to set an example and be the type of leader like the people that have had a positive influence in her life.

Recently she attended a training seminar in Dallas, where she trained in the area of making healthy lifestyle choices - which included the benefits of eating right and staying active.

In January, Douglas will take what she learned in the seminar and hold an all-day education event for younger kids where she will teach them the basics of healthy eating habits and being active. She and another student are coordinating the event themselves, which is no small feat for someone in high school.

Lawson said that at times she forgets that Douglas is just 17 years old, because she is always willing to to step up to the plate and get things done. As a leader that is what Douglas is use to doing and she wouldn't have it any other way.