GRISD students participate in district UIL meet

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GLEN ROSE - On Dec. 8, the second, third, fourth, and fifth grade students from Glen Rose Elementary and Intermediate Schools competed in the District UIL Meet at Hillsboro Intermediate School.

The following students competed in the following events:

Second grade:

Creative Writing: Emma Sampson (third place), Avery Power (sixth place) and Sam Reedy.

Puzzles: Brady Stephenson (first place), Coben Cowell (first place) and Trenton Veno (fourth place).

Oral Reading: Lillian Stover (second place), Maggie Moore and Chloe Selman.

Storytelling: Noah Voss, Austyn Gomez and Liam Miller.

Spelling: Angelina Guzman (sixth place), Adam Power and Caleb Floyd.

The chess team took first place in the competition.

Third Grade:

Ready Writing: Karyme Tovar (third place), Grace Vickers (fifth place), Brooklyn Peterson, and Kehler Sweitzer.

Spelling: Bryce Plzak (first place), Caleb Plzak (second place) and Kasen Wilson (fourth place). The spelling team took first place in the competition.

Oral Reading: Zara Overton (first place), Madalyn Locklear (sixth place) and Jocelyn Frannel.

Storytelling: Rikki Gordon (second place), Preston Andrews (fifth place) and Justyn Wynn.

Music Memory: Aubrey Schuelke, Luke Resecker, Cannon Evans, Kelty Raymond, and Marti Reedy.

Chess Puzzles: Cason Stapels (second place), Liam Perez (fifth place) and Gastin McGarity. The team took first place overall.

Fourth Grade:

Ready Writing: Hannah Balkenbush (first place), Paisley Evans (third place), Brooklyn Ruff, and Caden Whitewood.

Spelling: Emily Candido (third place), Danica Paxton (fourth place) and Aimee Flippen.

Oral Reading: Trinity McClure, Brenna Bulat and Camden Raymond.

Art: Hannah Balkenbush, Kaden Bruce, Bibi Mandujano, Jadon Sinclair, and Ali Wilson.

Music Memory: Alex Newman, Luis Mendoza, Kaleb Baker, Browdy Fowler, and Addy Turner.

Number Sense: Hunter Douglas (fifth place), Camryn Deason, Lucas Delay, and Angel Castellanos.

Chess Puzzles: Clayton Gottfried (fourth place), Ethan Treadaway, Jax Heppler, and Avery Gray.

Fifth Grade:

Art: Faith Vickers, Anna Rolon, Avril Tovar, Dayton Prince, Race Turner, and Socorro Rocha.

Maps/Graphs/Charts: Luke Niedziela (sixth place), Jesse Whitewood and Eddie Nail.

Dictionary Skills: Cohen Grace, Sean Dodson and Jordyn Placide.

Number Sense: Hudson White, Carter Crabtree, Grady Vacek, and Schonna Rush.

Listening: Kya Busby, Ryder Myers and Ryder Cox.

Spelling: Kristeena Gregory (second place), Mayci Jones, Kendall Rush, and Mansi Patel.

Ready Writing: Emma Parrish, Grayci Adkins, Walker Andrews, and Geri Ramirez.

Chess Puzzles: Caden McKenzie (first place), Jeff Morris (fourth place) and Walker Andrews (sixth place). The team took first place in the overall competition.

Social Studies: Coleden McCoy (sixth place), Kaleb Beggs and Damian Flores.

Music Memory: John Alvarado, Brandyn Douglas and Monce Calzoda.

Oral Reading: Hannah McCarthy, Mignon Miller and Savannah Williams.

Congratulations to all the students and coaches for doing well at the competition.