Beauty-ful idea: Two GRHS seniors earn cosmetology permits

Mark Wilson
Briley Bason (left) and Karli Nobles, both members of the Glen Rose High School graduating Class of 2018, earned cosmetology permits through Hill College when they recently completed a two-year course at the Cleburne campus of the community college.

Two Glen Rose High School seniors recently got a head start on their career aspirations, taking advantage of a program offered through the school in coordination with Hill College in Cleburne.

Karli Nobles and Briley Bason earned cosmetology permits, making them eligible to take the written state board exam. After passing that written test, they can then take the practical test — hands-on — to gain a license to be professional cosmetologists.

GRHS funds the program for students to take the cosmetology training at Hill College.

“The high school pays for cosmetology school,” Bason said. “And the school transported us.”

GRHS Principal Kelly Shackelford said the cosmetology students are driven to the Hill College campus each afternoon to complete the two-year course. The school has also had auto mechanics students who earned certificates from Hill College in previous years. Up until the school year that just ended, there was a facility in Glen Rose where Hill College had a cosmetology branch.

“It’s just another good example of this school district recognizing different passions for students, and providing opportunities in these areas,” Shackelford said. “It’s pretty neat to see.”

Bason said she wants to pursue her professional license, but also noted that she’s not finished with her educational plans. She plans to get a degree in education, and become a school teacher as well.

“I’m going back to Hill College in the fall to get my basics out of the way,” Bason said. “I plan to transfer to Southwestern Adventist (University, in Keene) to pursue a major in education. I’m going to be a hairdresser on the weekends. I’m going to do cosmetology this summer to help pay for my tuition.”

Nobles has a somewhat different goal in mind — becoming a horror makeup specialist rather than sticking strictly to enhancing beauty.

“I was bullied a lot,” Nobles said, noting that pattern began when she was a sixth grader. As a result, she feels driven to “giving positivity to other people and making them feel better” and “seeing other people enjoy how they look.”

Nobles added that she wants to “make someone happy, because I never really felt positive about myself.”

Nobles maintained her commitment to completing the cosmetology program, despite commuting to GRHS after a recent move to a residence in Haltom City.

Her interest in special effects began when she was in the seventh grade, Nobles said. Nobles said that one of her goals is to some day be chosen to appear on the television program on the Syfy network called “Face Off” — a reality game show on which prosthetic makeup artists compete using science fiction and horror themes, with judges choosing the winner each week. She also has an eye on enrolling in a cinema makeup school in Los Angeles.

“One of my goals is to get on Face Off. I’m a horror fanatic, and my dad is a freelance cameraman. He travels a lot, and I always went with him,” Nobles said, noting that seeing makeup applied at various sports events and concerts spurred her interest. “That peaked my curiosity to look into horror films, to see how to manipulate the makeup into a creature, like out of nothing. My ultimate goal, after I work in the TV industry, is to use my cosmetology experience. I want to open my own shop that has tattoos and piercings.”

But, she said, she has no intention of staying in Los Angeles for the long term.

“I plan on moving to Denver, Colorado,” said Nobles, who qualified for state competition in choir her freshman and sophomore years at GRHS. “I don’t want to get mixed up in that (California) crowd. I want to set my ground and make myself something there (in Denver) — make something of myself.”

Bason gave up participation in school volleyball, tennis and track and field in order to participate in the program.

“It was pretty hard,” Bason said. “I thought about it all summer. At the end of the summer, I decided to sign up for cosmetology.”

Nobles said she hopes to have her own shop featuring a salon and spa, along with a special effects shop.

Bason said that learning cosmetology has helped her in several areas of her life, including communication skills.

“I think it has helped me to work a little better with the public,” Bason said. “It also helped me with my professionalism — how to carry myself and how to present myself. I also think, from being in cosmetology and learning from other students around me has helped with my inspiration of someday being a school teacher.”

Bason said she enjoys being in Texas — and Glen Rose in particular.

“I think I want to stay in Texas,” said Bason who was a junior varsity cheerleader her freshman and sophomore years. “I do like the atmosphere here. I love Glen Rose. I would like to teach here.”