6 things to know about GRISD's safety plan

Ashley Inge ainge@empiretribune.com
Several security measures were added to each campus to kick off the start of the new school year this week.

The recent mass shootings in Dayton, Ohio and El Paso have frightened residents in communities across the country.

The Reporter spoke with Glen Rose ISD Assistant Superintendent Tommy Corcoran to talk about measures that faculty and staff are taking to keep students safe as a new school year approaches.

Here are six things to know:

1. Security Resource Officers (SROs): There will be four SROs – one stationed at each campus – and Corcoran said the school district is working with the county to share the expenses of these officers to be on campus at all times.

“We’re always looking at anything that can possibly help our kiddos,” he said. “We felt like the biggest step we took was being able to get a school resource officer on every campus.”

2. Background Information Check: A system will check for background information on individuals after it scans their driver’s license and will flag any felonies.

3. Controlled Access Doors: Every door on each campus is locked 24/7 and with the recent fortification of the school entrances, individuals have to buzz in twice now instead of once to gain access to each building.

4. Cop Sync: If there is an emergency, a teacher will hit a button on their computer or phone and it will alert the five closest officers to the school.

“We’ve tested it a couple of times and it works great,” Corcoran said. “If something ever did happen, our main focus is that we want to create the response time for our officers or the officers in the community. We want that response time to be within a minute or two. The things we have in place, we feel like it gives us an opportunity to lock our kids down and get officers responding to the scene as quickly as possible.”

5. Bus View: Students will now have to swipe a card to get on and off the bus. This allows faculty and parents to know what bus a student is on at all times. Parents can pull up the website and track their child and know what time they’re going to get home. The speed of the bus can also be tracked as well, to make sure drivers are being safe whenever they're busing kids to and from school.

6. U-Lock It: Each classroom now has a U-shaped bar that is attached to the door. In case of an intruder, teachers can close and lock the doors and then shift the security bar into place for added security.

“We have updated all of our camera security systems. We have fortified all of our entrances. I think we’ve done a pretty good job with the steps we’ve done and the things that we’ve added to each of the campuses to make sure our kids are safe. I think we have pretty safe campuses and a pretty safe environment,” Corcoran added.