WEB EXCLUSIVE: Winter weather paralyzes region

BRENT ADDLEMAN Managing Editor
Haley Key submitted this photo taken this morning in Rainbow.

March definitely came in like a lion, leaving area residents hoping it goes out like a lamb when bringing on April's showers.

A storm system covered Somervell County, and North Texas, in a layer of ice and snow last night forcing the closing of city and county offices, along with Glen Rose ISD.

This is the second storm to hit the region in the past 10 days, with Glen Rose ISD having missed three days of school.

A layer of ice coated the region, and, in Glen Rose, nearly 2 ½ inches of snow laid on top of the ice creating hazardous driving conditions early Thursday.

According to The Weather Channel, Thursday’s forecast calls for the temperature to reach 39 degrees in the late afternoon in a day awash with sunshine. However, temperatures are expected to drop below freezing after 7 p.m. this evening, which will cause any slush or water on roadways to re-freeze, leaving a potential for more hazardous driving conditions.

Somervell County Emergency Management advised residents to “stay home if possible” as “roadways are very hazardous” in a post on its Facebook page early Thursday morning.

If you do have to venture out, remember these driving safety tips:

Reduce speed and allow plenty of space between you and the vehicle in front of you.

Avoid making sharp turns or braking suddenly, both of which can cause you to lose control of your vehicle.

If your vehicle begins to ski, gently steer in the direction of the skid to regain control. Resist the urge to jerk the steering wheel in the other direction.

Brent Addleman is managing editor of the Glen Rose Reporter. He can be reached at 254-897-2282 or email to brent.addleman@theglenrosereporter.com. Follow him on Twitter: @GRR_Editor.