Fire department converts military truck, adds to fleet

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Glen Rose Reporter
The Somervell County Fire Department has converted a military truck into a firefighting apparatus through the DOD Firefighters Property Program, which is managed by the U.S. Forest Service and administered by Texas A&M Forest Service.

A newly-converted military truck will now serve the Somervell County Fire Department thanks to the DoD Firefighter Property Program

“We were under equipped for a fire district of our size,” Fire Chief Mark Crawford said. “We needed this kind of vehicle to serve and protect our area.”

The DoD Firefighter Property Program, managed by the U.S. Forest Service and administered by Texas A&M Forest Service, provides excess military equipment to fire departments and emergency service providers. Since its founding in 2005, this program has released over 300 retired military trucks to VFDs across the state to help them better protect lives and property.

“We cover about 200 square miles and 10,000 people,” Crawford said. “We serve the entire county with one fire department, including several tourist attractions and a nuclear power plant.”

Recipients of this excess property are required to convert the vehicle into a service-ready unit within 180 days of acquisition.

“We painted it and equipped it with a skid unit with a 700-gallon water tank and a pump,” Crawford said. “We also welded guard rails around the bed and installed tools, radios and lighting.”

Many volunteer fire departments rely on programs like this from TFS when funding is hard to come by.

“[The program] is extremely beneficial to small departments like ours that don’t have a lot of resources to purchase a vehicle like this,” Crawford said. “Adding this truck to our fleet will help us out tremendously.”

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