City Council approves zoning change

BRENT ADDLEMAN Managing Editor

A slight change was necessitated to the zoning regulations pertaining to radio and television broadcasts within the City of Glen Rose at Monday’s city council meeting.

City council unanimously agreed to change policy pertaining to the schedule of uses to allow radio and television broadcasting businesses to operate in business zones 1, 2 and 3 with a specific use permit.

According to Ray Moody, code enforcement officer, the changes needed to be made so that the zoning regulations are the same for both information-bearing organizations.

“The schedule of uses when it was approved on March 15, 2014, they authorized both radio transmitting stations and television transmitting stations as approved businesses within the city limits of Glen Rose,” Moody said in his presentation to council. “However, the zoning districts in which both could operate were not the same.

The standards going into the meeting stated radio-transmitting businesses were allowed in Zone B3 with a specific use permit and industrial district automatically without any further paperwork. Television broadcasting businesses were allowed on Zones B1, B2 and B3 with a specific use permit in B1-3 and without any additional paperwork in industrial zones, according to Moody.

“Both media provide the same information to the public, just in different mediums,” Moody said. “I think this was an oversight.”

Council unanimously approved aligning both information businesses so that each are allowed in Zones B1, B2 and B3 with specific use permits and in all industrial areas.

Council then unanimously approved special use permit for Chisolm Trail Communications to put up a radio transmission tower at 1005 N.E. Big Bend Trail.

In other news:

• Council approved an alley closure request in Lakeside Addition, which turned out to be Hillside Addition according to Kyle McCain, city administrator. The request came from the owner, who wishes the alley to be closed so that the 9.43-acre parcel is considered once whole piece of land. According to McCain, if the parcel were to be sold in the future, it would have to be redrawn.

• Council approved a $2,000 grant through the Convention & Visitors Bureau to the PRCA Rodeo.

• Council approved a $12,500 grant through the Convention & Visitors Bureau to The Promise.

Brent Addleman is managing editor of the Glen Rose Reporter. He can be reached at 254-897-2282 or email to Follow him on Twitter: @GRR_Editor.