Art students learn from real-life professionals

Staff Writer
Glen Rose Reporter
Kay Marcum shows students at Glen Rose Junior High School how to make fused-glass pieces of art.

GRJH Art Classes enjoyed seeing the art and learning from visiting artists on Friday, March 20. The artists were scheduled for March 5, the day Art Educators in Texas celebrated Big Art Day. Since that day was a snow day the artists were rescheduled for Friday.

Kay Marcum is locally known artist who has many talents including oil painting, porcelain painting, murals and anything that has to do with painting. On Friday, she brought some of her painted porcelean and fused-glass pieces. Students learned about the process of porcelean painting and some also got some hands-on experience with fusing glass. Plans are to have Marcum return and create more fused-glass art.

Nana Vaughn, Grand Central Station teacher at the junior high, shared some of her creations with the students. Vaughn likes to create random doodles or designs with markers. Most are completely abstract and others she creates with some intentional symbolism.

Vaughn also brought some of her husband's photos to share with the students. Peyton Vaughn's photos of various subject matter opened eyes and minds to the beauty and art that can be captured with photography. Students were especially interested in his black-and-white photos.

Ben Nystel, who works with GRISD transportation, also shared his drawings with the students. Nystel’s skill in drawing was apparent in his drawings of horses and other western art. He also shared some drawings produced by his wife, Shelly Nystel. The realistic elements combined with abstraction in her drawings was also a big hit.