Glen Rose City Council special meeting: 'You can fix management, but you can't fix morals.'

Travis M. Smith -- @travis5mith
Glen Rose City Council

A special meeting of the Glen Rose City Council was called into session by Mayor Sam Moody on Tuesday afternoon to address concerns raised by Councilman Chris Bryant after his personal observations at Oakdale Park and interactions with its employees.

Prior to the meeting, Kelly Harris, Oakdale Park's administrator, requested in writing that the meeting be held as an open session, and not recess into executive session to remain in compliance with Texas Local Government Cody section 551.074 which addresses personnel. Moody and the council obliged.

"I have several concerns about Kelly Harris as the Oakdale Park administrator," said Bryant just before noting her previous evaluation, situations he personally witnessed, and instances that have been reported to him by Oakdale staff during her tenure.

There was an evaluation of Harris' performance completed in Aug. 2014, however, the evaluation could not be located in her personnel file by City Secretary Christy Badilla. The only form Badilla located inside the file was a status change form, which outlined a change in salary. The evaluation was completed by Jim Holder, the city's public works manager, and was last handled by the city administrator, according to Holder.

"That's convenient," said Bryant after Moody informed him of the missing evaluation.

After almost two hours of dialogue, Bryant's motion to suspend Harris while the council conducted its own investigation failed to receive a second.

"I understand your concerns," said Councilwoman Sandra Ramsey to Bryant, "but as a council we need to to deal with facts, and all you are supplying is hearsay [...] and I have a problem with going off of hearsay as a jury person."