Dog days of summer show

Josh Harville
Cherokee Rose Nursing and Rehab is hosting their annual Dog Days of Summer Show on Thursday, Aug 20.

Cherokee Rose Nursing and Rehab is hosting its annual Dog Days of Summer Show on Thursday, Aug. 20. The dog show is open to anyone and everyone with or without a pet and is free to attend.

"We're doing this to celebrate the dog days of summer and to involve our community and family members in the lives of our residents," said activity director Joy Rattlif. "I think the community gets as much out of it as our residents do. Our residents like folks to come in and they like to see the other people."

Participation in the show is as easy as showing up, and there are three events to compete in, each with their own set of prizes. The events are Best in Show, Best Dressed, and Most Talented for the participating canines.

The prizes were donated by Cindia Golding, a daughter of Cherokee Rose resident Georgia Keith, and include bones, balls, food and water bowls, collars, and other fun treats and toys for the furry pets. Judging will be done by the staff and residents as an open source ballot.

The Dog Days of Summer Show is so much more than just a dog show, it provides a chance for the residents of Cherokee Rose to be apart of the community and visit with their friends and families.

"This is our way of bringing the community to them," said Rattlif. "It lets them socialize and feel apart of the community, and that's pretty awesome."

Danielle Whitlock, marketing and admissions coordinator, said, "It's good to bring the outside word in, it makes them feel like they're a part of it."

Snacks and drinks will also be available to those that attend.