Former constable accused of stealing from youth association

Mark Wilson
Craig Sean Dodson

Craig Sean Dodson, who was a a former Somervell County deputy before serving for a brief time as a constable was served last week with a Somervell County grand jury indictment on a felony count of theft of property $20,000 to $100,000 (aggregated), according to documents obtained at the district clerk's office in Glen Rose.

Dodson was arrested on April 25 on the warrent, and charged with the third-degree felony. He was released that same day after posting $10,000 bond.

The indictment states that the defendant (Dodson) took money from the Somervell County Youth Fair Association, and that the alleged offense involved "one scheme or continuing course of conduct that began on or about Jan. 1, 2013, and continued through Oct. 13, 2016.”

Dodson, 47, has a Cleburne mailing address but reportedly resides in eastern Somervell County.

Dodson was elected as Somervell County's Precinct 2 constable in 2012. He resigned in September 2013, telling county officials that he had been "unsuccessful in having his peace officer license reinstated," according to an article published at that time in the Glen Rose Reporter.

A copy of the indictment was served to Dodson on the morning of April 25, according to a document that was filed with the district clerk last Friday, April 28.