Council votes to change zoning ordinance as Moody, Jones exit

Mark Wilson
Outgoing Glen Rose City Council member Mike Jones (right) accepts a "street sign" with the words "Mike Jones Lane" from longtime council member Dennis Moore during Monday night's meeting.

The Glen Rose City Council on Monday approved an amendment to the city’s zoning ordinance to allow apartments or living quarters in structures currently used for commercial purposes.

By a 4-0 vote (with Sandra Ramsay not in attendance), the City Council voted to approve the zoning change, which one resident said will “really make our square come to life.”

The downtown area does have a number of two-story buildings that could be remodeled for mixed commercial and residential use. David English addressed the council and said he is interested in doing such a project on the second floor of the Tally Building, which he now owns.

The meeting marked the final one for outgoing Mayor Sam Moody, along with City Council member Mike Jones.

Moody did not run for reelection, and Sue Oldenburg will be sworn in to the office next week along with new City Council member Linda James.

Like Moody, Jones also chose not to run again. The term of longtime council member Dennis Moore was also expiring, but he did file to be on the election ballot. Because Moore and James, plus Oldenburg, were unopposed, they were declared the winners and the election was canceled to save the city thousands of dollars. Board members, as well as the mayor, are elected for two-year terms.’

Oldenburg, James and Moore are scheduled to be sworn in by City Secretary Terri Johnson in a special City Council session at 5:30 p.m. on Monday, May 15.

Monday the council voted, 4-0, to downsize the Glen Rose Preservation Board from eight members to five. They also voted unanimously to approve Colleen Adair as a new member of the board. Two more board members are still needed, and applications are being accepted.

The council also approved grants requested by the Convention and Visitors Bureau for Texas Smokin’ Gun (a mounted shooting event) and for Glen Rose Beast, Sprint and Kid’s Races.

A decision to approve engineering and surveying services for reconstruction of approximately 1,400 linear feet of Nancy Drive from Mary Lynn Drive to Walker Street passed, 3-1.

Doug Mitchell, who cast the no vote, had made a motion to postpone the vote until the next meeting, June 12, citing the fact that it will be a significant expense. There was a 2-2 tie on Mitchell’s motion, but Moody cast the deciding vote, allowing it to go forward.

The area in question has had recurring problems with flooding.

“It will not resolve all of the water runoff issues,” Moore said of the work that needs to be done. “Part of that is terrain. It’s a combination of factors.”

Moody opened the meeting with a proclamation for Motorcycle Safety Awareness Month, greeting representatives of an area motorcycle club.

Jones took to the podium to address those in attendance in his final council appearance, summarizing some of the city’s issues during the two terms he served before adding, “I greatly appreciate the opportunity to serve on the council and participate in all the progress we’ve made.”

Moore presented Jones with a “street sign” bearing the name, “Michael Jones Lane.” Moore later presented Moody with a similar sign, bearing her name.

Moody said that serving as mayor the past two years was both fun and challenging, and included some great moments.

After the meeting, Moody said, “It has been a wild two-year ride. There have been some high points. I’ve definitely gone through the gamut.

“It was a very eye-opening experience about what the government can and cannot do. The citizens tend to think government can do anything. Not really.”

She had previously announced that she will be using her free time now to go traveling across the nation with her husband.

She said she will remain active in the community, and attend council meetings to provide input as a private citizen.

Moody had added an emotional touch at the close of Monday’s meeting, stating that it was with deep sorrow that she had to acknowledge last week’s death of longtime Glen Rose teacher Rhonda Cagle.

“Rhonda’s impact and influence in this community as a teacher, businesswoman, and volunteer runs deep and wide,” Moody said, reading from her statement. “Rhonda was an icon in our community. She was an ambassador of the people, spirit, and heart that is the city of Glen Rose. (She) will be deeply missed.”