Glen Rose native named Artist of the Month

Ashley Inge
Artist Jana Trimble created an acrylic painting entitled, “Evening on the Paluxy,” which is an inspiration of the Paluxy River in Glen Rose.

Glen Rose native Jana Trimble was recently named March’s Artist of the Month by the Lake Granbury Art Association.

Trimble first discovered her love for drawing as a child.

“I never received any lessons. Art classes weren’t available to me growing up. In junior high, I remember some of my male classmates would get me to draw on their arms, like a tattoo. I would do it because it was fun and my drawing skills were being appreciated,” she said. “Glen Rose High School had an art class but the teacher left at the end of the year just before I entered high school.”

She also remembers a funny moment from when she was in school at Glen Rose.

“I remember I didn’t get along well with my Spanish teacher, Mr. Mayberry. He didn’t like the fact that I was always drawing rather than taking notes. One day, he told me to bring my crayons with me next time,” she said. “Later in life, in my first year at Tarleton, who would I run into but Mr. Mayberry. He was there teaching Spanish where I had come to learn to be an art teacher. I got a kick out of that.”

Trimble didn’t start college at Tarleton State University until she was 31-years-old. She was a single mom of two. She also had quite a few jobs while going to school as well including a teacher’s aide, school bus driver and custodian.

She did her student teaching at Cleburne High School and after she graduated Tarleton in 1997, she was hired on as a second art teacher. In 2006, she was given the title of Art Department Chair. She retired in 2014 after 17 years of teaching to focus on her own art.

Trimble paints mostly with oil and acrylics, but sometimes uses watercolor or a mix between watercolor and acrylic. She says they work well together.

Her favorite subject to paint is nature.

“A favorite is the ever-changing entity of the Paluxy River that I grew up on. I plan to do some of the Brazos in the near future. I also enjoy still life and occasionally a portrait. I do commissions work also. My website is under construction,” she said.

She classifies herself as a “self-taught artist.”

“I had no lessons in school,” she said. “Of course, I had a lot of different art classes in college but those professors expect you to already know all of the techniques. I would be assigned what to draw or paint but then I had to basically figure it out on my own. I also learned a lot as I went along in my first few years of teaching. Tarleton isn’t an ‘art’ school as in, teaching art techniques, but I still had guidance and direction in media and techniques when needed."

Growing up, Trimble said she disliked school and that if art had been available as a class, she believes she would have had something to excel in.

“I know that is what influenced me to become an art teacher, to help students who were like I had been. It was always a great feeling when a student had that ‘aha’ moment by discovering they had an ability they weren’t aware of,” she said.

Trimble, now retired, has recently joined the Lake Granbury Art Association and is ready to devote all of her attention to her own art.

She can be found on Facebook and Instagram under the name “Painted Echoes Studio.”