First grandchild sparks idea for Nuthin But Smoke

Jay Hinton Glen Rose Reporter
Nuthin But Smoke specializes in street tacos, pulled pork sandwiches and loaded funnel cakes.

GLEN ROSE — Among family and friends, Riki Braswell had the reputation of being a good cook because of his uncanny ability to smoke meats.

“My friends would tell me I need to open a restaurant. I wasn’t interested in that,” he said. 

Along with the birth of their first grandchild nearly a year ago, the idea for Nuthin But Smoke also hatched, and he and his wife Melissa decided to give the food truck a shot.

“We are actually helping them (son and daughter-in-law) get it started,” he said. “We are eventually going to back out, and it will be theirs full time.”

In the meantime, Riki, who has been smoking meats for nearly 15 years, is teaching his son Christian the tricks of the trade, and that won't happen overnight, he said.

Because they are the owners of Spare Time and a wholesale mum supply business in Glen Rose, their time is split for now. They are in the processes of liquidating Spare Time, however, to give them more time to focus on Nuthin But Smoke and being grandparents.

“This is our full-time job that we put aside to do that,” Melissa said of Spare Time and the wholesale supply business. “We are kind of limited with what he can and cannot do (with the food truck)."

Their specialty: street tacos, pulled pork sandwiches and loaded funnel cakes.

“Someone will come to the window and say, ‘I heard about your street tacos. I want your street tacos.’ They seem to be the favorite,” he said.

For $6, diners get six small buttered corn tortilla tacos with cilantro, onion, lime and hot or mild green sauce. The pulled pork sandwich is also $6. The bun for it is also buttered and placed on the grill. Curly fries and a drink can be added to either option for an additional $3. 

At first, they were thinking of selling ribs, brisket and other meat options, but due to some limitations, for now they decided to do what they do best, and that’s pork butt smoked for 10 hours. 

“We want to introduce — maybe once a week — ribs or brisket, and gauge it and see how it does,” he said. “We only have one refrigerator, and adding more meat would mean needing more space.”

Nuthin But Smoke, which has been in operation for just over a month, is open in the parking lot of Spare Time located at 705 NE Big Bend Trail, Wednesday thru Saturday from 11- 6 p.m. or until when everyone is gone, Riki said.

“We want to eventually get to where we are open all week,” he said. “We like working out there more than we like working in here. It’s something different.”