GRISD to offer summer feed program

Ashley Inge

Glen Rose ISD is helping combat child hunger by organizing a summer feeding program.

The program is for kids 18 and younger and will take place June 8 through June 28, Monday through Friday each week.

There will be breakfast at the Glen Rose Intermediate School from 7:30-8:30 a.m.

Lunch will be served from 11:30 a.m.-12:30 p.m. at three different locations: Heritage Park located on Matthew St. Hwy 144, Ramos Trailer Park located at 1157 CR 320 and Glen Rose Intermediate School.

Students will receive hot meals four days a week and a sack lunch, which will typically be served on Wednesdays, and will consist of a cold sandwich, chips and a rice Krispie treat. Hot meals will include chicken smackers, burritos and pizza.

“We have children walk to come and get meals. We have children that are so glad to come and play on the playground at Heritage Park and get to eat while they’re there. We even have day cares that show up for them, so it’s helped a lot of kids in the community I believe,” said Glen Rose ISD Child Nutrition Coordinator Dawn Foos.

The GRISD Summer Feeding Program is open to any child.

“I know there’s lots more kids in the area, but even if we were just feeding 10, it would be okay because those that come usually really need the meals but it’s open to everybody. Any child can come. It doesn’t have to be a needy child. We’ll feed any kid that’s playing in the park, any kid that shows up. We are glad to give them a meal,” she said.

Foos said she expects to feed around 150 students daily.