Town hall set for Oakdale Park discussion

Mark Wilson
The public swimming pool at Oakdale Park is one of the popular attractions there.

Glen Rose residents interested in what may eventually happen with Oakdale Park will have a chance to participate in a town hall meeting to discuss that topic. It’s set for 5:30 p.m. on Tuesday, July 9, at Glen Rose City Hall.

City Administrator Michael Leamons wrote a column published June 14 in the Glen Rose Reporter about some of the options being considered including the possible sale of the park to an outside investment group.  

In that article, Leamons made a reference to some fears within the community that the land on which the park is located might be converted to another purpose if it fell into the wrong hands.

“The public will have the opportunity to speak,” Leamons said.

Leamons wrote that Oakdale being in the National Register of Historic Places gives protection in matters concerning the park’s appearance. He added that it’s “possible that deed restrictions or zoning may be used to prevent major changes to the Oakdale traditions that generations of residents and guests have come to enjoy.”

The city purchased Oakdale Park in 2009. The city’s debt owed on it is scheduled to be paid off in 2034. Leamons noted that the annual payments of $206,000 represent the majority of the Economic Development Corporation’s revenues.

Another key point Leamons made in his column was that the City Council has been “assured that the investment group’s intentions are to continue operating the park in much the same manner as it is now operated, with the exception that additional investments in infrastructure would likely be made.”

The park includes a popular public swimming pool, along with multiple RV hookup spots and some small cabins that can be rented. It also features a community center building, and a stage where bluegrass concerts and other entertainment are regularly on display.

Currently Oakdale Park is without its on-site manager after that person’s recent resignation. Anyone interested in that job can apply online through the city of Glen Rose's website, Leamons said.

The Dolan Band is scheduled to perform on the stage at Oakdale Park on Saturday, July 6. Leamons noted, however, that the remainder of the musical performing acts have been canceled for the rest of the summer.